About Us

Washington Speed-Gidican is committed to providing a program of excellence by uniting skilled coaches with committed athletes and supportive family members. We are dedicated to the idea that any athlete, regardless of race, creed, religious affiliation, or socio-economic status should be given that opportunity.

Washington Speed-Gidican is a non-profit organization incorporated for the purpose of providing an environment that cultivates a positive experience for each person involved in the club by focusing on the values of self-esteem, character, leadership, integrity, sportsmanship, and academics.

1. To develop interest and encourage participation in the sport of Fastpitch Softball for girls up to seniors in high school.
2. Continuous individual development in both proper techniques and to focus on the values of self-esteem, character, leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
3. To provide maximum exposure and training for all students preparing to play at the next level.
4. Strive to see continuous team improvement through the season with weekly training and team building efforts. Focus on how training and team communication can directly transfer onto the court during competition.
5. To assist players in laying the groundwork for maintaining a physically healthy lifestyle with nutrition, training, and making good choices to help throughout their daily lives.
6. To assist players that are interested in earning an athletic scholarship to help pay for their college education.
7. To provide the Puget Sound Region with one of the most successful clubs on a national level.